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“Research Power Tools” by Philipp Winter provides many useful anecdotes and best practices for scientific writing and research in computer science based on hands-on experience of the author. The book primarily targets researchers and PhD candidates and, from my perspective, should be listed as a reading recommendation in scientific writing classes.
Prof. Harald Lampesberger
Learning how to become a researcher is daunting. This book on Research Power Tools is filled with solid practical tips and insights. If you’re doing a PhD in computer science, especially around security, privacy, and/or measurements, these 100 pages capture the mindset of a large chunk of the top researchers in the community. That alone is worth the read!
Assoc. Prof. Tobias Pulls
I always appreciate those who take the time to document the unwritten rules of academic research as well as important life hacks for optimizing research efficiency – these guidelines are crucial building blocks for facilitating a good work/life balance. Philipp Winter’s research power tools book is a gem in this regard. His easy writing style and clear outlines have solidified this book as one of my recommendations for new graduate students who want to learn more about conducting research. I love the helpful tips for organizing a research life – the book is a pleasurable read and also regularly reminds us that there is more to life than research alone.
Prof. Marshini Chetty
Research Power Tools offers easy to follow and effective advice that can ease STEM students’ entry to research and simplify the complexity around starting computing education as a whole. The book is uncluttered and efficient in offering practical steps to reboot our daily routines to strive for better research-life balance.
Prof. Roya Ensafi